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"H.S." From New York City

"I am a woman from the Caribbean Island and even though I have been living here for a number of years, I have had very little interaction with the court systems and litigation. A person who is from the same Islands, married me a decade and half ago, and we have a child. After many years into the marriage, I was not even aware he went ahead and filed for divorce. Over the years, he has accumulated a lot of savings in pension plans and retirement funds and he is quite smart in understanding how the legal systems work. I was not aware of any of his assets; one day, he filed for a divorce and then pretended as if nothing happened. He never served on me directly, but, was devising a way to fool me by not serving but going ahead and obtaining a default order, with no disclosure and no distribution to me. I was naive but something in my mind was telling me something was not alright, because, my neighbors told me somebody like a process server came to my home in my absence. I went and checked the Court and to my horror I found out my husband filed a divorce action against me more than a year ago; this is the time, when I somehow came into contact Mr. Viswanathan's Office and his Office did a brilliant job in bringing into light everything that happened right on my back and explained everything to me. My Law Office immediately moved the Court and in detail put forth in the papers before the Court everything that happened. Now, my case proceeding very well far beyond my expectations. I shall be entitled to a share in his assets; further, I am going to be entitled to a good spousal support and a child support. I did not even imagine that I would be entitled to a penny from my husband. All because of the great investigative legal work carried out by Mr. Viswanathan and his excellent team. I am now so happy because of their great work. My husband whom I meet every week, is sulking and the nature of his talk completely changed - for the better"

"E.A." - Upstate New York

"I am from East Africa; where it is relatively quiet and peaceful. I came in 2011 on a student's visa. My visa expired and I overstayed. After a year, the DHS came and took me to Immigration detention and put me on 'removal proceedings.' My matter was transferred to New York City from Pennsylvania. I appeared before the Judge first time without an attorney. She advised me to get an attorney and gave me time. I was desperately trying to find an Immigration Attorney who would understand the unique nature of the country I come from and be reasonable. By chance, I found Mr. Viswanathan and my first meeting about five years ago proved what kind of dedication, in-depth research into law and related matters and handwork that he is willing to put in. He worked tirelessly; and, filed a very impressive supporting papers before the Immigration Court. My individual hearing came and Mr. Viswanathan sat with me and walked me into the entire complex court systems and the trial. He thoroughly prepared me to face the Court without any fear and hesitation. At the hearing to decide my asylum petition, I did very well and was very confident. And, I jumped with happiness when the Judge announced that I have been granted asylum"

"J.H." - New York City

" I am a New York born and work with the City. As per the terms of the Judgment of divorce that I had obtained many years back, my ex-spouse was required to "buy-me" out of the joint matrimonial home we owned. Even after the time stipulated in the Judgment came by and went, my ex-spouse kept quiet, even though my name on the mortgage and deed existed. My name bolstered her credit score, because her credit score was much low. I did not know what to do. That was the time, I happened to meet Mr. Viswanathan at a courthouse by chance and told my problem. He carefully went over the judgment and correctly interpreted it and filed a new law suit to recover the money that my ex-spouse owed to me. She engaged a specialty matrimonial law firm to fight me. Ultimately, after a long legal battle, Mr. Viswanathan persisted and my ex-spouse settled for an amount that was more than I anticipated. All because of patient and persevering efforts in tackling all legal objections put forth by big, specialty law firm and prevailed"