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We are an established boutique small law firm filled with some exceptionally dedicated and hardworking team of legal professionals. You ideally desire close personal attention to your issues. That is what we precisely do. With the right passion and an absolute desire to make the lives of our clients far better for all days to come, we strive our best in fully protecting your rights. We aggressively work towards achieving that best results you desire and dream of. We provide an individualized, tailor-made legal strategy specifically designed to achieve your goals. We tirelessly work for the best results for our clients in every possible way. We would not give up or rest until we achieve your objectives and the results you want.

We always keep our primary focus to help you in all your legal needs – be it through litigation or transactional – and whichever area of law it may be – matrimonial; property issues; will, trusts and estates and planning for the future; immigration – (family -based or employment); or the corporate law – small and medium companies – incorporation; business agreements; licenses; registrations; permits; and protection of trade marks and copyrights.

We methodically and carefully analyze your issues, and then prepare the best strategy that will ideally suit your legal needs and work for you, based upon our varied rich practical legal background and skills and knowledge, gained over long years of practicing law.

We put ourselves in your situation and, thereby, best-suited to fight for your interests.

Our endeavor is to keep the fees and costs low while not compromising your ultimate best results. We endeavor toward a litigation-free settlement process, which creates amity and sense of well-being in the future interaction of various parties.

We speak several foreign languages, such as German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, South Asian languages like Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Tamil and Chinese.

We are conveniently located across Penn Station in Midtown New York, so that clients living any where in the tristate area can reach us easily.


Contact us at +1 (212) 359-9367 to speak with our legal team.